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Forgot to take a picture of my drink BOTH times I was on the Biker Bar this summer. Currently gluten-free so I’ve been doing wine and cider on the bike, but my pals had beer.  Stock footage from the Biker Bar website, but I did take a picture of my friend’s Bull City Burger & Brewery beer. Sorry, didn’t catch which one…  By the way, if no one’s told you, it’s  hard to cycle and drink.
This is the drink we concocted for our annual Christmas open house. 

Grateful Cranberry Cocktail
1 ½ oz bourbon / 1 oz cranberry-honey syrup*/ Green tea-flavored ginger ale / Frozen cranberries /Crushed ice
Fill collins glass three-quarters full with crushed ice and frozen cranberries. Pour in bourbon and syrup. Top off with
ginger ale.
*Cranberry-honey syrup:
Boil equal parts water, honey and cranberries. Strain out solids. Refrigerate the liquid syrup.

At Tobacco Roadhouse in Durham after DPAC show. Sunday Special: $4 Bloody Mary (sub gin). Dawn had the Yellow Jacket Martini.

#tbt #1999 F@?& The Binary (at Fowler’s porch)
#helpthehelpers Planting lettuce for Jamie’s Day of Purpose (at Inter-Faith Food Shuttle Farm)

Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation

An amazing cause in honor and memory of an amazing woman.

Join us now! 

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Water steps (at Water Steps on the North Shore)
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